Tailor made business and IT solutions

CyberSol is a solutions company providing innovative business and technology solutions,
using globally acceptable industry best practices.
We help organisations re-engineer their business processes and redefine the way technology is used in their workplace.
Our unique solutions helps clients to successfully make the transition to latest technologies
and transform their organizations to prepare for the next millennium

a little about us

CyberSol Technologies Private Limited (CSTPL) was formed in the year 2000 with the objective to provide innovative technology solutions, using globally acceptable industry best practices. The Company has been offering a variety of services using the best-fit and state of the art technologies and concepts. We help organisations re-engineer their business processes and redefine the way technology is used in their workplace.
The company has domain expertise in a wide range of industry verticals and diversified services i.e. business consulting, process automation, IT/IS compliance and audits, application development, web development & hosting

Corporate Philosophy
Profit is a major objective of any business entity, however, maximization of profits cannot, should not and is not the sole objective of the Company. The Company believes in business for social justice and accepts its social responsibility. The Company is always committed to good corporate governance based on the globally accepted industry best practices. The Company respects the inalienable rights of it's shareholders and considers itself a trustee of the shareholders

Social Commitment
The Company has taken a humble initiative towards discharging it's social responsibility. It has instituted an award in one of the leading school of Mumbai for excellence in Computer Science at the ICSE examination. The Company shall ensure that this beginning shall take root and grow to greater heights.

Quality Policy
We at CyberSol are committed to achieving high standards of quality in all aspects of our business. We aim to adopt global industry best practices in all aspects of its functioning. We believe in Total Quality Management [TQM].

The Company's strategy to achieve its quality goals for its customers is two pronged. We propose to develop quality products for our customers and to provide quality in after sales services.

We believe in quality in management. Without the management being quality conscious it is not possible for any organization to implement TQM in the organization. We strive to have a transparent management policy, which aims at social justice, enhancement of shareholder wealth, customer satisfaction and personnel development.

The people in any IT organization are its most important assets. To nurture and enhance the quality of the personnel in the organization the Company has set up a long term strategy with supporting procedures and guidelines to help achieve high levels of employee satisfaction and personal development

the distinguishing factors
Domain & Industry Experience
With 20+ years in business, working with various Companies, nationally and internationally, engaged in various activities like Manufacturing, Shipping, Consulting, Finance, Mining, Information & Technology etc., we have substantial experience across various domains and industries.

Customer Focussed
We simply listen to our clients. We endeavour to understand our customers requirements, issues and pain points and ensure that the product/solution we deliver is the right fit and fulfils all their demands.

Process Oriented
We are a highly process oriented organisation. Our strict policy to follow processes ensures that our products and solutions are delivered in a timely manner, high in quality and accurate.

Collaborative Product Development
A collaborative development environment provides scale and flexibility in product development. We have our own in-house team which caters to the customization requirements of our customers. This helps in tight coupling of the customized solution with the main product and enhances customer experience.

Technology Innovation
Our software development team is encouraged to adapt to constantly changing technologies, bring new ideas and innovations in the technology and products used by us for development. Our product engineering experience has enabled us to penetrate niche industry verticals with complex and diverse business process and provide optimum solutions.

Flexible Technology Solutions
We believe in our solutions being flexible so that minor changes to the business process or operating and tax policies do not need our intervention or customization.